Body treatments

10 + 1 for a series of body treatments!

Relaxing massage – 45 Min

Leave all your stress and worries behind with a head to toe massage using a choice of relaxing essential oils…

Slendertone “Sequence 16” treatment – 40 Min

An efficient machine with 16 programmes also used in some British hospitals:

  • Muscle toning (30 minutes)
  • Lymphatic drainage (30 minutes)
  • Cellulite dispersal (40 minutes)

G-5 body massage – 45 Min

Toning and relaxing massage using different vibratory heads.

The Ultimate Hand treatment – 30 Min

Keep skin on your hands looking young, smooth and pigmentation free.
A peel an a glycolic acid treatment removes dead cells and illuminates the skin (improving existing pigmentation spots). A special mask and hand massage hydrates and softens the skin, also providing relief for stiff joints in hands and fingers. Can be combined with a facial.