INSTITUT ESTHEDERM combines health, beauty and well-being expertise and its name reflects its foundation and mission.


(Institute in English), refers to research and teaching establishment and place where beauty treatments are administered – a temple of well-being.


As in esthétique (aesthetic in English), refers to the science of beauty and the brand’s quest for perfection.


Refers to the inner layer of skin, which Institut Esthederm skincare products target to promote youthful looking skin.
Esthederm’s products are on sale at the institute.
Cosmetics are often seen as only producing short-lived or superficial results, or as pharmaceutical products designed to treat skin problems. However, I see things differently. I am constantly working to create a new class of products – bio-cosmetics – which are biologically active, technologically safe and designed to help all skin types better resist their environment and the effects of time.
Do not work against age but with age
Do not work against the sun but with the sun
Have long-lasting effects

My greatest desire is to design products that are truly useful, effective and safe

Facial products

Cleansing & Makeup removal

3 essential actions for a deep cleanse:

  • Cleanse with the Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser

  • Exfoliate with Lightening Buffing Mask

  • Energise with Cellular Water

Prevention of signs of aging

Hydratation – Energy : CELLULAR WATER

Cellular Water replicates the water found inside our body’s cells. When applied, the skin receives the energy necessary to optimize its vital functions.
Cellular water not only replenishes the skin but also boosts the effectiveness of any skincare products you use.
All Institut Esthederm products are formulated with Cellular Water.

Deep Down Hydration : Hydra System

Provides a continuous and optimal skin hydration.
Controls skin moisturisation and helps the skin to manage its own hydration needs.

Protective Hydratation : PROTECTIVE CARE

Protecting your skin is great but reactivating its self-defense systems and teaching it to adapt to its environment is even better !
DAY SYSTEM protects skin from harmful external factors.
Special UV cell protection without a filter or screen to prevent photo-aging, cell damage and inflammation.
Day System skincare products strengthen the skin’s biological defenses against free radicals and pollution as well as helping it adapt to its environment.

Anti Fatigue : NUTRI SYSTEM

Nourishing your skin is great but introducing it to a whole new diet is even better !
NUTRI SYSTEM skincare products perfectly balance your skin’s nutritional requirements.
High Definition Nutritional Cocktail: A unique and optimal nutritional supplement for the proper functioning of your skin.
Nutri System skincare products provide nutrients, which are vital for maintaining the nutritional balance of the skin and its youthfulness. Nutri System skincare products provide essential elements to help the skin carry out its natural functions.

Sensitivity : SENSI SYSTEM

Soothing your skin is great but re-training how it reacts is even better !
SENSI SYSTEM skincare products are based on a technology that strengthens the natural defenses of sensitive skin, reduces its sensitivity and permanently improves its tolerance levels.

Calms hot flushes and normalizes skin reactivity and minimize the risk of adverse reactions. Sensi System skincare products desensitize the skin by regulating skin inflammation. Sensi System skincare products soothe the skin day after day by teaching it how to control its reaction to attacks.


Purifying your skin is great but helping it to stay pure is even better !
PURE SYSTEM is range of innovative skincare products designed for oily skin (suitable for all ages).
Regulate sebum secretion, thin and regulate the flow of sebum to reduce the formation of spots and blackheads, detoxify for healthy skin, tighten pores and improve the texture of the skin.
Pure System skincare products control the production of excess sebum while retaining the skin’s natural protection.

Correction of signs of aging

Wrinkles, Firmness, Damaged Skin :

A kit especially for men, including 3 essential products to regenerate and revitilise the skin.

Wrinkle Prevention – Anti Fatigue: TIME TECHNOLOGY

Detoxifying the skin is good. Detoxifying and reactivating its youth is better!
TIME TECHNOLOGY : rejuvenating expertise in reactivating the skin’s biological radiance for long-lasting results.
Prevents and corrects ageing signs, protects the skin from the wearing-down effects of time, revives the complexion through natural biological activity (cream enriched mineral pearl).
Time Technology Cream : a single step to immediately enhance the complexion and maintain the skin’s long-lastinf youthful radiance.

Triple Correction: Wrinkles, Radiance, Skin Texture:

An ultra-high performance solution to start your forties off beautifully.

Lift And Firm : LIFT & REPAIR

Superficial smoothing is great but deep down re-generating and re-structuring is even better !
LIFT & REPAIR skincare products act on the skin’s surface and deep down resulting in skin which appears lifted and firmer.
Physical action: (immediate firming effect)
Biological action: smooths the skin’s micro-relief

Density, Firmness, High Nutrition : CYCLO SYSTEM

Improving the appearance of wrinkles is great but getting your skin to function as young skin, even as it ages is even better!
CYCLO SYSTEM skincare products are youth replenishing products designed for mature skin.
Provide an effective response to aging skin: wrinkles, loss of density, sagging, dryness, lack of comfort and radiance. Re-plump and rehydrate.

Pigmentation Irregularities : WHITE SYSTEM

Lightening your skin is great but improving the appearance of pigmentation and slowing down the signs of aging is even better !
WHITE SYSTEM skincare products promote youthfulness and ensure an even complexion
Slow the synthesis of melanin, brighten the complexion and improve the appearance of existing pigmentation. Sooth the skin and prevent the unpleasant sensation sometimes associated with lightening products.
White System skincare products improve the appearance of hyper-pigmentation and brown patches.

Universal skincare

Cellular Water Spray

Water quality is essential.
Thermal waters can cure certain conditions but they are not ideal for healthy skin.
While the demineralized water generally used in cosmetics is pure, it does not provide an ideal cellular environment for the skin.
This is why Esthederm Institute researchers invented Cellular Water to replicate the water found naturally in the skin to ensure lasting vitality.

UV InCellium Spray

Sunlight can cause inflammation and premature aging.
Scientific studies show the benefits of controlling sunlight.
Institut Esthederm has always advocated a measured and intelligent approach to the sun by inventing techniques to better control sunlight.
By creating UV inCellium, Institut Esthederm offers everyone the opportunity to strengthen their skin’s self-defenses against the harmful effects of the sun while enjoying all its benefits.

E.V.E. Serum Source

Used in its pure form, this product creates the perfect environment for the skin to regenerate: skin becomes its own active ingredient.
A veritable “skin raw material” consisting of Essential Vital Elements naturally present in tissues, E.V.E. allows your skin to naturally regenerate itself and regain its strength and original quality.

Sun products

Sun Products

For 4 skin types : Normal, Sensitive, Intolerant, Highly Reactive
For 4 levels of sun intensity

Body care

Body Care

Everything you need for a healthy and beautiful skin for your body : exfoliation, hydration, cleansing, slimming and firming.